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    3.5/5 Stars.

    First of all, I got a copy for free for Kindle. I am so not used to reading e-books so it took me a long time to finish the book.

    I quite enjoyed the book overall. The cover of the book and title was really interesting and I did not realize it was part of a series. There are many cliche fantasy elements but the writer managed to combine them into a story that is interesting. The idea behind Merglan's character was well-thought but not well-executed in my opinion. Ivan is more like an almighty genius protagonist and Theodor is more of a sidekick but also a protagonist in his own story. I liked the character development of Ivan, to be honest.

    The beginning of the story is interesting but for about 2 or 3 chapters it is stretched (The whole army training part) until you get some action. After that, there is almost always continuous action. The ending is okay but you have to remember that this is the first of the series. Without further ado, it is not perfect and there are some minor problems. However, it is still enjoyable and I would like to continue reading the series.