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    I choose this book because when I was a child it was one of my favorite book. It is not boring and enjoyable, full of adventures. And it is easy to understand as a first leaner of a language. Of course the title had impressed me when I saw it in library, my eyes were glowing. I’ve read all Harry Potter books in Turkish and the English ones were expensive so when I saw this book in English in library I was so happy. And I’ve read it in 15 days.

    There was a boy which is the main character we know from the first book, Harry Potter. Which he is 12 years old, black hair, green eyes with glasses look innocent and clever. He used to live with his muggle (not come from witcher family and can do any magical stuffs) uncle and aunt. And his second year at Hogwarts in this book. This year there will be a chamber of secrets and warning about that chamber had opened by the heir of Salazar Slytherin. And this person would kill all pupils who do not come from all-magical families. These threats are found after attacks that leave Dumbledore. Throughout the year, Harry and his best friends Ron Weasley which he is pure blood family with his orange hair like all the Weasleys. Brown eyes and average tall. Look booby most of the time. But he is loyal to his friends and Hermione Granger which she is mugglee-born but very talented witch. With her brown hair and brown eyes she always look clever which she is investigate the attacks.
    Book is starting with Harry’s miserable holiday in Dudley’s House. He wants more than everything to go back to Hogwarts. But a house-elf, Dobby is trying to block him to go back to Hogwarts. And eventually he succeed and make Dursley (the muggle uncle) angry. And he locked him in his room. And Ron and her twin brothers Fred and George came to rescue him. And he stay in Weasleys house couple of days and than he go back to Hogwarts with them. But in train station Ron and Harry could not pass the platform. They had to steal Ron’s father’s flying car which they had steal it before to rescue Harry. Than they go back to Hogwarts with car and than they got lost car in the jungle next to Hogwarts. They went to detention because of this with Ron. When their assesses done, they were going their house’s commons, they saw a message on wall that written by blood was saying ‘‘Chamber of Secrets got open.’’ And the urban legend known that Salazar Slytherin's heir would open the door and would kill all the muggle-bloods. Harry, Ron and Hermonie thought that Malfoy was the heir. And they made Polyjuice poison to learn everything from Malfoy in girls bathroom that Moaning Myrtle was living in there. They choose that place because nobody uses there. And they realized that Malfoy did not know anything about the heir but he said that fifty years ago the chamber of secrets got open and a girl died. And then Harry got found a diary that belongs to Tom Riddle which he was a student at Hogwarts fifty years ago. And he talked to him about the chamber of secrets, Tom showed him a memory about Hagrid and his spider. Then they suspected that Hagrid had opened the door. They went to Hagrid to figure out the truth but minister of magic came out and they took Hagrid to Azkaban. When he was going he told Harry and Ron to follow the spider. After that they went to the forest to talk with spider, spider told them that a girl died fifty years ago because of the monster in chamber of secrets which even spiders scared of that monster in girls’ bathroom. They found a piece of paper in Hermonie’s hand which it was saying that monster was a Basilisk (a kind of snake). And they were sure about the door that open the chamber of secrets was in Moaning Myrtles’ bathroom. And Ron and Harry decided to enter the room with Lockhart. But Lockhart was liar he was stealing peoples’ heroism and deleting their memories he tried to delete Harry and Ron’s memory but it attracted back. Harry had to go to the room alone. When he went he saw Tom Riddle and Ginny Weasley. Later Harry figure it out that Tom Riddle was controlling Ginny with his diary. And Tom Riddle was LORD VOLDEMORT. Then he tried to kill Harry with Basilisk Harry showed his loyalty to Dumbledore and the sorting had came out and it brought the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Fawkes took out Basilisk eyes and Harry killed the Basilisk, with its’ tooth he destroyed Tom Riddles’ diary. And Fawkes get them out from the chamber of secrets.