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12 Ara 2016

For, despite Mr. Wardlaw Scott's horror at the Newtonian astronomy and its contradiction of the Bible, the whole distinction is a good instance of the difference between letter and spirit; the letter of the Old Testament is opposed to the conception of the solar system, but the spirit has much kinship with it. The writers of the Book of Genesis had no theory of gravitation, which to the normal person will appear a fact of as much importance as that they had no umbrellas. But the theory of gravitation has a curiously Hebrew sentiment in it—a sentiment of combined dependence and certainty, a sense of grappling unity, by which all things hang upon one thread. 'Thou hast hanged the world upon nothing,' said the author of the Book of Job, and in that sentence wrote the whole appalling poetry of modern astronomy. The sense of the preciousness and fragility of the universe, the sense of being in the hollow of a hand, is one which the round and rolling earth gives in its most thrilling form. Mr. Wardlaw Scott's flat earth would be the true territory for a comfortable atheist. Nor would the old Jews have any objection to being as much upside down as right way up. They had no foolish ideas about the dignity of man.

The Defendant, G. K. ChestertonThe Defendant, G. K. Chesterton
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 30 Mar 2016

"Benim ya da diğer ateistlerin din karşısında ara sıra takındığımız bu düşmanca tavır sadece kelimelerle sınırlıdır. Ben ilahiyat kaynaklı bir tartışma yüzünden hiçbir yere bomba atmayacağım, kimsenin kafasını kesmeyeceğim, kimseye taş fırlatmayacağım, kimseyi çarmıha gerip yakmayacağım, kimseye işkence etmeyeceğim veya gökdelenlere uçakla çarpmayacağım."

Tanrı Yanılgısı, Richard Dawkins (Sayfa 266 - KUZEY YAYINLARI)Tanrı Yanılgısı, Richard Dawkins (Sayfa 266 - KUZEY YAYINLARI)