“Look, I know this is business to you. You’re not high on my dream list of people to marry either, but it doesn’t change the fact we have to live with each other. We should at least try and make the most of the situation.” “Who, exactly, is on your dream list of people to marry? How long is the list?”
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It's the possibility of having a Dream come True that makes life interesting.
“It was a dream, and in dreams you have no choices: either there are no decisions to be made, or they were made for you long before ever the dream began.”
“I wasn't anything to you then.” “You were always something to me. I just didn’t know what it was.” “I don’t even know when my feelings for you changed. I used to dream you would be my first kiss, you know. But it was a dream. You were so far away.” “I'm not anymore.” “You saved me from my nightmares then, and you saved me from them now. Thank you.”
İf I don't wake, let me dream,let me rot beneath the sheets.Don't tell me that the day awaits;the sun burns my eyes anyway.İf I don't wake, leave me in peace,and let me rot beneath the sheets.
“I think about a lot of different things now but don’t mistake me for someone soft, Morana. Whispered words in the shadows aren’t who I am. I’m still a monster.” “When one of my father’s guards sneak into my room and I had to fight him off, wallowing in my loneliness, you know what I would dream about?” He waited for her answer, never moving those intense blue eyes from hers. “A monster. My monster. One who could keep me safe and kill the other monsters who wanted to hurt me.” “You always fucking had him, wildcat.”
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Death is our only remedy. We imagine heaven. There is no suffering there, we say. There is no sex there, we say. We mean, there is no culture there. We mean, there is no gender there. We dream that death will release us from suffering—from guilt, sex, the body. We recognize the body as the source of our suffering. We dream of a death which will mean free­dom from it because here on earth, in our bodies, we are fragmented, anguished—either men or women, bound by the very fact of a particularized body to a role which is annihilating, totalitarian, which forbids us any real self-becoming or self-realization.
Don't wanna cry but I break that way Cold sheets, oh, where's my love?
Love's stories written in love's richest books. To fan the moonbeams from his sleeping eyes.
Michelangelo's Dream
... Lodovico Buonarroti, Michelangelo's father, he was a extremely wealthy man, he could not understand the pure perfection of his son at all, so he would beat him. No child of his was gonna use his hands for a living. So Michelangelo learned not to use his hands. Years later, a visiting to city prince came into Michelangelo's studio and found the master staring at a single 5,5 metres block of marble. Then prince he knew the rumors were true. Michelangelo had come in every day for the past four months, stared at the marble and he was returned home. So the prince asked the obvious, "What are you doing Michelangelo?" and Michelangelo turned around to prince and looked at him. Then whispered... "I'm working..." Three years later, that block of marble was the Statue of David.
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