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Once I don’ t like cliches of Virginia Woolf and then I have no patience to read her anymore. Because of too much dispersed ideas which can be seen for me more as too much word for nothing special, interesting, or different. All are quite clear and can be thought by kids also, whereas she is always sure about the talks as if best of the bests up till now; so she irritates me. Being ordinary is good, but reflecting yourself also more than who you are, is something not for me to read or watch.

Being writer and isolating yourself from life arent cool things. Also art is cool, but people who are busy with any sort of art just to pose as if “elite of bourgeois” are loosers.

She owned a room once and she was lucky because she didnt have to work. She got an inheritance and she liked easy money also. She wasnt able to cook that’ s why she hired cook, she had gardener, waitresses etc. soon and she intended to a novelist. She means automatically feminism should be liberation but just for some women who aren’ t poor but reflecting this as intellectuals instead of rich women.

I hate the classes she labels on ladies and I also disgust how rude she was to the servants. Maybe after learning empathy, she should have dared to be a novelist.

She reminds me some extreme Kurdish Feminism Account on twitter. They are also same. They never protest bride price, bride exchange traditions, honour killing, child brides or pre arranged marriages which are very common for societies feudal, but they keep to complain unless men should sit decent in public transportations; women are victims of them or calling a şady as “girl” very bad but “woman” is a word almost blessed.