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spoiler alert! what an ending! i wasn’t expecting it at all. two little boys, sitting across to each other on the different sides of a fence. it’s not a regular fence tho. it makes quite a change which side you’re on. but what determines your side? your appearance? no, since we saw once bruno got a haircut, he and his best friend on the other side of the fence shmuel, they seemed quite similar. your abilities to do things? apparently not. then maybe it’s just luck? well, both yes and no. the main idea behind the discrimination is your religion. it is about you being a jew or not. and that is the problem itself. it’s unacceptable to discriminate people based on their gender, their nationality, their skin color, things people can’t decide for themselves. or their religion and beliefs, things that a third person doesn’t have the right to interfere in any kind. not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. it will remain in that way, forever. though it’s the theoretical aspect of it. in practice we see nothing alike to this theory ever... i, myself, do observe a lot of religious discrimination around the world today, sadly. for now, there’s not much i can do to prevent this discrimination rather then hoping for a bright future for all humankind without discriminating one another. but reading this discrimination from a book, from a 9 years-old’s eyes just broke my heart. i can say, i didn’t like to read the whole book from a 9 years-old’s point of view tho. his ability to understand things was quite weak, naturally. so there were a lot of holes remained empty. but. even there were gaps in it, the story itself was impressive enough. seeing that 9 years-old discovers the wrong, the bad and the worse made me sadder each time... as i said, the ending was quite a shock for me. two peers side to side, in the same outfit, both on the same side of the fence, like (!) they were the same...
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
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