• Şahsiyet (Persona): A Must-See Turkish Cult Classic in the Making

    (Cat Costumes, Serial Killings, and English Subtitles: Turkish TV Series Şahsiyet Has it All.)

    If you watch Turkish TV to learn Turkish or other reasons, you may feel that you’ve sacrificed part of your life for this language. The episodes usually last up to two hours, and the plots can unwind for episode counts nearing the hundred mark. The commitment involved should not be taken lightly. So, I wrote about it for 1k.

    But let’s be clear. I usually stuff my head in books, instead of TV. Series, regardless of where they hail from, always present the risk of putting me in a state mind-numbing boredom. I’m not able to recount any episodes of Game of Thrones, for instance. Why? I’ve never watched it. That said, movies do get me hooked, because the commitment is so much lower. With two hours and a check mark, I can take a movie off my list. It takes a rare unicorn of a TV series to get me to sit down, munch on popcorn, and gaze for hours into the ethereal glow of modern technology’s greatest distraction tool: the screen.

    It’s true, whenever I catch whiff of something odd, eccentric or quirky, I’ll test it out. And these traits are exactly what’s missing from Turkish TV. Or so I thought. Then I begrudgingly accepted my boyfriend’s invitation to watch a brand new show: Şahsiyet. The title means ‘personality’ in English and you can find it on Puhu TV, a channel only available online. It features English subtitles, so you’ll learn lots of Turkish as you watch.

    My boyfriend had tried to explain to me the cult-classic potential of this series by name dropping: It features a legendary theater actor, Haluk Bilginer, who has starred in Nuri Bilge Ceylan films — and one of the Turkish directors currently bringing fresh ideas to the screen, Onur Saylak. A rising star, Cansu Dere, who used to date comedian Cem Yılmaz, has a leading role. Now, if you haven’t already noticed, name dropping famous Turkish people with foreigners has zero impact. The impact is less than zero for me, since I can’t even name the famous actors and actresses in America, where I’m from. It wasn’t until he started to describe the plot that my ears pricked up.

    This show, in brief, is mostly set in Istanbul and centers on a protagonist named Agah Beyoğlu (Haluk Bilginer). He learns that he has Alzheimer’s disease when his faithful feline companion, Münir, dies from his own forgetful neglect to feed him. He buries his furry friend on a cliff overlooking the Bosphorus. Then his psychiatrist gives him a set of principles and guidelines along with some meds to keep it together. But the news brings him an existential quandary. He thinks that with memory-loss, he’ll lose the essential fibers of his being–his personality. On the other hand, he sees it as an opportunity to take revenge by murdering a long list of enemies before he forgets. After that, memory-loss will relieve him of the psychological burden of becoming a serial killer. It has a beautifully strange set up that makes Agah seem less of an old geezer and more of a brilliant criminal mastermind. Actor Haluk Bilginer enlivens this paradox with charm and finesse.

    Agah starts to commit murders, which, disturbingly, all appear to involve his old friends. He pastes their pictures on his wall, creates meticulous files to aid his memory, and leaves messages printed with old filing cabinet labels applied to his victims’ foreheads. All of this filing paraphernalia relates to the fact that he worked for years at a courthouse as a file clerk, a clue which seems important.

    Soon, we learn about another anomalous character. A bad-ass cop named Nevra (Cansu Dere), the only female in the homicide ward, is chosen to investigate and solve the mystery of the killer’s identity. As the plot unfolds, we learn that she, Agah, and all of the victims are all connected in some way to an incident that occurred years ago in a small fictional town on the outskirts of Istanbul called Kambura. But you must wrack your brain to fit the puzzle pieces together as the plot divulges more and more secrets.

    On top of that, Agah’s alcoholic daughter, Zuhal gets a divorce from her husband and returns from Australia to live with her father in his flat with her unruly teenage son, Deva. Now, in addition to the obstacle of pursuing his murders with Alzheimer’s, Agah faces the difficulty of hiding his actions from his daughter and grandson. He starts to use his girlfriend as an excuse to avoid them. This turns out to be one of the most bizarre and comedic serial killer plots I’ve encountered. And spoiler alert: Agah ends up making himself a cuddly cat costume for a disguise.

    Apart from its appealing fantasies such as a strong female police officer breaking the gender mold, the prospect of taking revenge without regrets, and the idea that old age can still be ‘hip,’ this show tackles major contemporary themes that engross Turks. It weaves in the alienation of Istanbul versus the suffocation of secrecy in small towns, the immorality of xenophobia, the silence that surrounds rape, and the fears we face about old age. It also displays more classic material surrounding loyalty, family, and the sparks of love. Meanwhile, the detective mystery narrative hearkens more to the British and American pop-culture imagination. For instance, Turkey has never had a serial killer. This element is obviously borrowed from elsewhere. The combination gives it a hybrid quality that makes it seem as surreal as (for lack of a better word) a unicorn.

    As a bookish person myself, I wanted to know whose imagination this unicorn had spawned from. Lo and behold, none other than Hakan Günday (the Chuck Palahniuk of Turkey) writes the screenplay. Edgy, philosophical, and cool, Hakan Günday is a force to be reckoned with for literature, and now on screen. Whereas most original shows start off with a bang and then wane and fizzle out by the end, the suspense of Şahsiyet holds steady and even intensifies as the many interwoven episodes unfold. Günday has managed to simultaneously tap into the Turkish and international subconscious leaving us with a seriously addictive treat: Şahsiyet. And with no flattery intended, I wouldn’t trade it for anything produced in the U.S.

    Whether you need to revive your interest in Turkish TV, watch a new dizi to adapt to Turkey, or just to pick up some more Turkish, I highly recommend Şahsiyet.
  • You can always talk to me. I was your age once, my father used to say. The things you feel and think only you have felt, believe me, I've lived and suffered through all of them, and more than once -- some I've never gotten over and others I'm as ignorant about as you are today, yet I know almost every bend, every tollbooth, every chamber in the human heart.
  • 88 syf.
    ·2 günde·Beğendi·9/10
    In a net shell, a very emotional novel by amazing author.
    This book can be named as an autobiography of first and last love of Kahlil Gibran the great philosopher who met a girl named Selma Keremy at Beirut, Lebanon. This was love at first sight. Selma is a young beautiful girl as a picture of Beirut who is as still as a Pond, as deep as an Ocean, as lively as Life. It is filled with friendship, love, power struggle and pain and suffering that comes along with any human relationship.
    I consider it to be a very personal book by Gibran. As he says, "I was eighteen years of age when love opened my eyes with its magic rays and touched my spirit for the first time with its fiery fingers and Selma Karamy was the first woman who awakened my spirit with her beauty and led me into the garden of high affection, where days pass like dreams and nights like weddings."
    It starts when Kahlil goes to Lebanon for an outing and meets his father's old pal Farris Effandi Keremy. Farris is quite old age and very gentle and kind and has lost his wife when Selma was in her adolescent stage. He invites Kahlil to his house. One evening Kahlil goes there and meets a beautiful girl Selma who is Farris's daughter.

    Selma is as gentle and kind as her father. Bishop Bulos Galib is a powerful man in the local society who controls the locales as he wishes. For name sake he is a Bishop but he is a very cunning and wrong doing person. He has a nephew, Mansour Bey Galib, living with him and following his footsteps. Infact Mansour is one step ahead than his uncle. He enjoys wine, girls and all evil doings of the society. Kahlil got stuck to Selma's beauty and calmness and it is "love at first sight".

    One evening when Kahlil is sitting at Farris's house, Bishop's man comes to take away Farris as Bishop wants to talk to him on an important issue. Farris tells Kahlil to take care of Selma till he comes back. Kahlil notices both the faces turning pale at the arrival of Bishop's man there. Kahlil and Selma sit in her garden and don't talk much but Kahlil understands that they both are driven by Bishop to some of his ill wishes. When Farris comes back, he tells Kahlil that Bishop wants Selma to be married to Mansour who everyone knows is a bad character. Marriage happens although none of them is happy about it. Farris dies. Selma is childless for five years. And after five years she gives birth to a beautiful boy who dies as soon as he takes birth. Selma also dies. At one moment after Selma's marriage, Kahlil proposes Selma to run away with him to get rid of the tortures of Mansour and Bishop. But unfortunately she refuses and says - "A bird with a broken wing can’t fly too far. "
    First, what did I feel after reading it, this is a plain, cool, calm, quite, gentle, tendering, smooth and refreshing love story with a sad end. One dies at the end of the story and is buried, other also dies but lives and delivers the meaning to World. This world is too small but still it takes years to find out your true love. This life is too small but this book teaches you how to make each moment remarkable and memorable. This book tells you how to express yourself without uttering a word and how to listen to the silence. It tells you what does the word "Beloved" means and the meanings of Happiness and Sorrow. It tells how easy it is to understand the true Love and how difficult sometimes it becomes to hold it.
    On the other hand, in our century modern civilization has made WOMEN a little wiser, but it has unfortunately increased her suffering because of man's greediness. The woman yesterday was a happy wife but sorrowfully the woman today is a miserable mistress. In the past she walked blindly in the light, but now she walks open-eyed in the dark. She was beautiful in her ignorance, virtuous in her simplicity and strong in her weakness. Today she has become ugly in her ingenuity, superficial and heartless in her knowledge. Will the day ever come when beauty and knowledge, ingenuity and virtue, weakness of body and strength of spirit will be united in a woman"
    All in all, it tells Love is like Air, you can't hold it in your hands. You can inhale it inside you, but can't hold it, it goes inside you, generates life in you and goes out. Love is not in acquiring or desire, it is not a kingdom or game that you need to win, but it is a FEELING. It is more in GIVING than TAKING or EXPECTING. Kahlil shares his pure thoughts in this book, and thus reading this book carefully and attentively is important. And if you don't know the meaning of LOVE, check it out, and get the best of the meanings of Love defined on this Mother Earth.
    I highly recommend you to read this book.
    Kanlı Deney (Blood Creek), Kan Dökülecek (There
    Will Be Blood), Babam İçin (In the Name of Father)
    Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Woody Allen
    Daniel Day-Lewis, James McAvoy, Tom Hardy,
    Marillon Cotillard
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  • It is the 3rd millennium. For almost a hundred years Atatürk has laid immobile in his tomb in Anıtkabir of Türkiye. He is the Father of Turks by the will of the gods, and master of a hundred cities by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Ottomans. He is the Carrion Lord of Türkiye for whom a thousand loyal souls are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die.

    Yet even in his deathless state, Atatürk continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the Greek-infested miasma of the Aegean Sea, the only route between Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, their way lit by Nutuk, the psychic manifestation of Atatürk's will. Vast armies give battle in his name on uncountable trenches. Greatest amongst his soldiers are the Adeptus Kemalus, the Kemal Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Jendarme and countless police forces, the ever-vigilant Anayasa Mahkemesi and the CHP - priests of the Adeptus Kemalus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from Islamists, Apoists, half-Turks and worse.

    To be a Turk in our time is to be one amongst untold millions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of our times. Forget the power of Turkic Nationalism and Spirit of the Steppe, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of TURAN and Unity, for in the grim darkness of the present, there is only war. There is no peace in home or abroad, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of a thirsting Arab God.
  • Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi öğretim görevlisi olan Prof. DR. Muharrem KILIÇ hocanın öğrencileriyle paylaştığı film listesi:

    Admission (2013, Paul Weitz) *

    3 İdiots (2009, Rajkumar Hirani) - Eğitim Sistemi, Bilime Bakış *

    Klass(Ilmar Raag) Eğitim Felsefesi, Çocuk Hakları, Çocuk İstismarı*

    Another Earth Alternatif Evren, Mağara Alegorisi, Bilim Kurgu*

    Brazil (1985 - Terry Gilliam) Fütürizm

    Gülün Adı - The Name of the Rose (1986) Kanonik Hukuk, Hobbesyen Bakış, İnsan Doğası, Prolog Anlatım

    Venedik Taciri (2004, Michael Radford) Yargıçlık Ödevi

    Sineklerin Tanrısı (1990 - Harry Hook) Demokrasi, Post-Apokaliptik Hikaye

    Kurdun Günü (2003 - Michael Haneke) Burjuva ve Güven Algısı, Weber-Prüten Birey, Durkheim-Organik Dayanışmalı

    Ölümcül Oyunlar (1997 - Michael Haneke) Burjuva ve Güven Algısı, Weber-Prüten Birey, Durkheim-Organik Dayanışmalı

    Körlük (2008 - Fernando Meirelles) Jose Saramago Anlatısı, Distopya, Postapokaliptik Düzen

    1984 (1984 - Michael Radford) Distopya, Otorite-Güç, Özel Hayatın Gizliliği

    12 Kızgın Adam (1957 - Sidney Lumet) Amerikan Realizmi, Şüpheden Sanık Yararlanır, Otokinetik

    Güneşli Pazartesiler (2002 - Fernando León de Aranoa)

    Asılacak Kadın (1986 - Başar Sabuncu) Toplumda Kadının Yeri, Hukuk Öznesinin İnsani Özellikleri, Adalet-Kültür İlişkisi

    Pelikan Dosyası (1993 - Alan Pakula) Gazetecilik, İfade Özgürlüğü

    Deney (2001 - Oliver Hirschbiegel) Güç İstenci Kavramı, İnfaz Kavramı

    İlk Korku (1996 - Gregory Hoblit) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    Şeytanın Avukatı (1997 - Taylor Hackford) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Kavramlarının Sorgulaması*

    Baraka (1992 - Ron Fricke)

    Şeytan Çarpması (2005 - Scott Derrickson) Mahkeme Draması, İrade, Hukukun Kaynağı, Kanonik Bakış

    Pardon (2004 - Mert Baykal) Adil Yargılanma Hakkı, Türkiye’de İnfaz Koşulları*

    Esaretin Bedeli (1994 - Frank Darabont) Adil Yargılanma Hakkı, İnfazın Niteliği, Islah ve Topluma Karışma*

    Sefiller (2013 - Tom Hooper) Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı, Romantizm, Din ve Toplum

    Şüphe Altında (1990 - Alan Pakula) Mahkeme Draması

    Gizli Gerçekler (2008 - Rod Lurie) Mahkeme Draması

    Dava (1998 - Steven Zaillian) Mahkeme Draması

    Başkanın Tüm Adamları (1976 - Alan Pakula) Yasa Dışı Dinleme, Demokrasi ve Medya

    Bir Cinayetin Tahlili (1959 - Otto Preminger) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    Büyük Dava (1991 - Michael Apted) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    Jüri (2003 - Gary Fleder) Mahkeme Draması, Common Law, Adaletin Manüplasyonu

    Sanık (1988 - Jonathan Kaplan) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    Talihin Dönüşü (1990 - Barbet Schroeder)

    Müşteri (1994 - Joel Schumacher)

    Yağmurcu (1997 - Francis Ford Coppola) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    The Paper Chase (1973 - Jay Osborn)

    Bülbülü Öldürmek (1960 Robert Mulligan) Irkçılık, Mahkeme Draması, Masumiyet Karinesi

    Kuzenim Vinny (1992 - Jonathan Lynn)

    Sleepers (1996 - Barry Levinson) İşkence Yasağı, Adil Yargılanma

    Truman Show (1998 - Peter Weir) Özel Hayatın Gizliliği, Varsayılan Rıza

    Cadı Kazanı (1957 - Raymond Rouleau) Din ve toplum İlişkisi, Kanonik Bakış

    Güneşe Yolculuk (1999 - Yeşim Ustaoğlu) Kültürel Çatışma, Anomi, Etnisite

    Yol (1981 - Şerif Gören) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Olağanüstü Hal Türkiyesi

    Uzlaşma (1991 - Oğuzhan Tercan) Tiran Devlet, Güç İstenci, Faili Meçhul

    Beni Suçlu Bulun (2006 - Sidney Lumet) Mahkeme Draması, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    The Firm (1993 - Sydney Pollack) Burjuva İdeolojisi ve Hukuk, Hukuk Öznesi

    Cinayet Gecesi (2007 - Gregory Hoblit) Amerikan Hukuk Realizmi

    Ölümle Yaşam Arasında (2003 - Alan Parker) İdam, Amerikan Hukuk Realizmi, Popülizm ve Hukuk

    Philadelphia (1993 - Jonathan Demme) Ayrımcılık Yasağı, Cinsel Kimlik Çatışması,

    A Murder of Crows (1998 - Rowdy Harrington)

    In the Name of the Father (1993 - Jim Sheridan) İnsan Hakları, İstisna Hali, Adil Yargılanma Hakkı, Amerikan Hukuk Realizmi

    İçimdeki Deniz (2004 - Alejandro Amenabar) Ötanazi, Yaşam Hakkı

    Carandiru (2003 - Hector Babenco) Etnisite, İnfaz Kavramı

    Otomatik Portakal (1971 - Stanley Kubrick) Distopya, Zihinsel Müdahale, Alternatif İnfaz Yöntemleri

    Beklenmeyen Şahit (1957 - Billy Wilder) Masumiyet Karinesi

    Karanlık Armonier (Bela Tarr) Anarşizm, Sanatsal Anlatı, Kitle Hareketi

    Munih(Steven Spielberg) Antisemitizm, Terörizm, İstihbarat

    Swenny Todd(Tim Burton) İngiliz Hukuk Eleştirisi, Burjuvazi Hukuk

    Dönüş (Andrey Zygenitsev) Çocuk Hakları

    Kış Uykusu (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) Ahlak, Etik, Elitizm, Toplumsal Sınıfsal Çatışma*

    Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da(Nuri Bilge Ceylan) Varoluşçu Hukuk, Hukuk Öznesi, Adil Yargılanma Hakkı

    Uzak (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) Anomi, Mekanik Dayanışmalı ve Organik Dayanışmalı Toplum Çatışması

    5 Vakit(Reha Erdem) Mekanik Dayanışmalı Toplum

    Hayat Var(Reha Erdem) Çocuk Hakları, Çocuk İstismarı

    Kenan ile Yusuf(Ömer Kavur) Çocuk Hakları, Suça İtilen Çocuk, Çocuk İnfazı

    The Network(Sydney Lumet) Medya, Gösteri Toplumu, Rıza Üretimi, Yanlış Bilinç

    Yazgı(Zeki Demirkubuz) Varoluşçu Hukuk, Hukuk ve Adalet Ayrımı

    Sigara İçtiğiniz İçin Teşekkürler(Jason Reithman) Medya, Lobicilik, Burjuva İdeolojisi

    Bab’ı Aziz(Majid Majidi) Mistisizm

    Serçelerin Şarkısı(Majid Majidi) Çocuk Hakları, Doğu Toplumunda Çocuk, Ekonomik Sınıfsal Ayrımlarda Çocuk

    Novaya Zemlya(Alexandre Melnik) Post-Apokaliptik, Alternatif İnfaz, Alternatif Adalet, Medeniyet Fikri

    Tramvay(Olgun Arun) Kriminoloji, Durkheim Anomi

    Sivas(Kaan Müjdeci) Çocuk Hakları, Hayvan Hakları, Hobbes İnsan Doğası

    The Hunt(Thomas Vinterberg) İskandinav Hukuk Realizmi, Masumiyet Karinesi, Lekelenmeme Hakkı

    Yozgat Blues(Mehmet Fazıl Coşkun) Anomi, Toplumsal Çatışma, Anadolu Kültürü

    7.Mühür(Ingmar Bergman) Alegori, Din-Vicdan-Adalet-Kültür Karmaşası

    Underground(Emir Kusturica) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Sosyalist Devrim ve Savaş

    Seven (David Fintcher) Dante İlahi Komedya, Suç ve Günah İlişkisi, Amerikan Hukuk Realizmi*

    Fight Club(David Fintcher) Anarşizm, Burjuva İdeolojisi Eleştirisi, Kapitalist Eleştiri, Cinsel Kimlik Çatışması*

    Elephant Man(David Lynch) Pozitif Ayrımcılık, İnsan Hakları Teorisi

    7.Kıta(Michael Haneke) Organik Toplum Örneği, Anomik İntihar, Prüten Birey, Weber ve Durkheim

    Beyaz Band(Michael Haneke) Çocuk Hakları, Çocuk İstismarı

    Saklı(Michael Haneke) Etnisite, Masumiyet Karinesi, Göçmen Sorunu

    Karanlıkta Dans(Lars von Trier) İskandinav Hukuk Realizmi Eleştirisi, İdam Cezası

    Dogville(Lars von Trier) Katarsizm, Brehtyen Sinema(İdiopati ve Heteropati)

    Guguk Kuşu(Milos Forman) Akıl Hastalığı Mefhumu, Adli tıp ve Adli Psikoloji

    Kan Dökülecek(Paul Thomas Anderson) Amerikan Devrimi, Burjuva İdeolojisi, Din-Burjuva Eleştirisi, Irkçılık

    Snowden(Oliver Stone) özel Hayatın Gizliliği, İstihbarat

    The Salesman(Asghar Farhadi) Doğal Hukuk, Vicdan-Adalet-Hukuk İlişkisi, Doğu Toplumunda Adalet ve Hukuk

    Manifesto(Julian Rosefeldth) Literatüre Yön Veren Tüm Akımlar

    The Square(Ruben Östlund) Hobbes İnsan Doğası, Organik Dayanışmalı Toplum, Elitizm, İskandinav Hukuk

    I, Daniel Black(Ken Loach) Bağımsız Sinema, İnsan Hakları, Sivil İtaatsizlik, Sosyal Güvenlik Hakkı, Bürokrasi Eleştirisi

    Leviathan (Andrey Zvyagintsev) Doğal Hukuk, Pozitivist Hukuk, Adalet ve Hukuk Ayrımı

    Abluka(Emin Alper) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Olağanüstü Hal Türkiyesi

    Sarmaşık(Tolga Karaçelik) Alegorik Anlatım, Toplumsal Sınıflar, Otorite, İktidar-Tiran Çekişmesi, Etnisite

    İtirazım Var(Onur Ünlü) Din ve Din Adamı Kavramı, Dogma-Rasyo Ayrımı

    Zengin Mutfağı(Başar Sabuncu) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Olağanüstü Hal Türkiyesi, Sendika, Milis Kavramı

    Loveless(Andrey Zvyagintsev) Çocuk Hakları

    Mudbound(Dee Rees) Klux Klu Klan, Irkçılık, Amerikan Kırsal Toplumu, Sınıfsal Çatışma

    Ahlat Ağacı(Nuri Bilge Ceylan) Anadolu’da Din-Birey-Eğitim-Kültür Dejenerasyonu, Etik ve Ahlak, Din, Sıkışmış Birey

    Radiogram(Rouzie Hassanova) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Sosyalist Devrim ve Savaş

    Anons(Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun) İstisna Hali, Olağanüstü Hal, Olağanüstü Hal Türkiyesi

    Climax(Gaspar Noe) Hobbes İnsan Doğası

    American Psycho(Marry Horron) Organik Toplum Örneği, Anomik İntihar, Prüten Birey, Weber ve Durkheim

    Florida Project(Sean Baker) Bağımsız Sinema, Çocuk Hakları, Sınıfsal Çatışma, Ekonomik Yıkım

    Dangal(Nitesh Tıvari) Doğu Toplumunda Kadın, Kadın Hakları
    Dr.Death(Clive Entwistle) Ötanazi

    Milyon Dolarlık Bebek(Clint Eastwood) Ötenazi

    Öldürmek Üzerine Kısa Bir Film(Krzystof Kieslowski)