• "What's your problem?"
    "You," he says, throwing his bag down. "Always you."
    "Hello, Baz. Welcome back."
    He looks away from me. "Where's your necklace?" His voice is low.
    "My what?"
    I can't see his whole face, but it looks like his jaw is working.
    "Your cross."
    My hand flies to my throat and then to the cuts on my chin. My cross. I took it off weeks ago.
    Rainbow Rowell
    Sayfa 169 - you always you kısmını filmde baz'ın adam driver edasıyla söylediğini düşünün... tövbeler olsun tövbeler olsun.. ve sonra kolyen nerde diye duygusal sahne.. vurun beni atın denizlere
  • I dropped my sword but kept it unsheathed, then stepped out of my stance. "I don't have to do anything," I said. "I know what you are. Now I just have to wait for you to make a mistake."
    He winced without opening his eyes."Really, Snow? That's your plan? Wait for me to kill someone? You're the worst Chosen One who's ever been chosen."
    "Fuck off," I said. Which always means I've lost an argument.
    Rainbow Rowell
    Sayfa 106 - you're the worst chosen one but i........ yeni gelen arkadaşlar için sürprizi bozmayacğımT_T
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    The story is about the author, Ravi who meets a girl in an internet dating website and falls in love with her. That's it. The rest of the story goes very slow - paced. It's all about Kushi and Ravi. There's nothing else to lean on when those two characters get boring which (believe me) they did. The story would have been better if there were many events happening simultaneously or if the author didn't concentrate only about his love life.

    The author wasn't very descriptive; for example he stated that "the food was tasty". He never mentioned what food he was referring to. He could have substituted the word 'tasty' to some other more descriptive word; for example scrumptious. Or at least he could have mentioned what he was eating. And that particular phrase remained with me long enough for me to write it in this review. It was a long time ago since I read this book and I'm surprised that the first phrase that came to my mind was "the food was tasty".
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    Hindistanın meşhur yazarlarından biridir Ravinder Daha çok romantik komedi ve aşk üzerine kitaplar yazan yazarın kitapları oldukça akıcı ben nasıl başladım nasıl bitti anlamadım Çevirisi yapılmamış kitaplarının ama dili oldukça basit

    içeriğe ilişkin ingilizce bir açıklama da aşağıda var

    "It is a story about eighteen years old, confident, idealist girl Rupali from Patna who takes admission in Delhi Universtiy and Arjun a Delhi guy who is seriously into politics. An incident in DU brings both of them close. They face ups and down but always stand by each other's side. The way Rupali raise her voice for someone else and stood against something terrible happened on campus is the main plot.

    The love story of Arjun and Rupali goes very slowly which makes me feel bored. but there are also few things which I like when a first-year girl (Rupali) proposed to a senior (Arjun), a very confident proposal...the planes flying above them, the noise of traffic.

    One can only understand the title if he/she read the book from start to end. It's a beautiful thought of author that the plant digs up by Rupali in the first year will be nurtured by Arjun in the end; because for Rupali that plant was her dreams and Arjun wants to take care of her dream. It's an innocent love story with a sad end."
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    4.5/5 Stars.

    Like every beautiful thing in life, this series also has an end. Even though I really enjoyed this book compared to other Sci-Fi novels, this is my least favourite in the Trilogy. There are many, I mean MANY creative and impressive ideas and theories in the book. However, I feel like they are somehow rushed and not completed in a sense. Also, compared to Ye Wenjie and especially Luo Ji, Cheng Zi (our protagonist in this book) is not very appealing character. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book I am only comparing them to the previous ones.

    Previously on Remembrance of Earth's Past...Luo Ji managed to fool Trisolarians and he now holds the switch to fate of both civilisations. In Deterrence Era, humanity advances its technology while monitoring Trisolarians constantly. Even though they have the switch, losing it would mean Earth's doom. Like my other reviews of the Trilogy, I will give you an extensive summary of the novel. You can read this before to understand the novel better if you don't care about what happens and want to learn every bit of detail yourself while having some general knowledge. You can also come back and read this review to understand the plot better. Without further ado, let's get started shall we?

    Even though humanity has the upper hand now, they continue to monitor Trisolarians. In the committee, Cheng Zhi suggests the Stair Project. She believes that they can send a human to Trisolarian fleet to destroy it from within. Because of the capacity of the rocket, it can only carry a human brain. Cheng recommends Yun, her former classmate. Yun, at the time, had cancer and about to die accepts it as he also had a crush on Cheng. Before the operation, Yun gives Cheng a literal star as a gift. Luo Ji becomes the Swordholder as he holds the fate of both Earth and Trisolaris. People started to view Luo Ji as a dictator instead of a God. The UN decides to change the Swordholder and after some drama Cheng becomes the new Swordholder. Minutes after Cheng got the switch, Trisolaris Droplet launches an attack. Cheng cannot decide if she should hit the button or not. She panics and throws the button away. (Good job Cheng you just doomed humanity) Trisolaris ships destroy the button and eliminating every kind of hope humanity have. Trisolaris in now coming to take over this world and they relocate all humans to Australia. (We really don't know why Australia) When humanity was about to become slaves, one human spaceship, Gravity, reveals itself. The ship is equipped with a strong radio that can act as the button. It broadcasts the exact location of Trisolarians to the Universe as a revenge. Humanity monitor Trisolarian Planet getting destroyed by a higher civilisation. Just like smashing a bug Trisolarian planet was destroyed in a matter of seconds. (That's what you get for calling humanity bugs) Only few starships manage to escape the attack but since they communicated with Earth, humanity is still in danger. Trisolarian Sophon robot tells Cheng that Yun did not die and wants to see her. Yun was captured by their fleet and managed to delve deep into their society. Cheng and Yun's conversation is monitored by Trisolarians so one wrong word means Cheng's death and Earth's end. After chatting for a while, Yun tells Cheng 3 fairy tales. Those 3 fairy tales are indeed humanity's salvation. Humans decrypts the meaning of each story and try to devise a plan.

    1- The Bunker Project
    By building settlements at the back of Saturn and Jupiter humanity could survive the attack.

    2- The Lightspeed Ship Project
    By studying atomic propeller technology, humanity could try to build lightspeed ships in order to escape our solar system.

    3- The Dark Void Project
    By lowering the solar system's light speed, light would not exposed from our solar system. Solar System becomes something like a black hole so it shows no threat to other civilisations.

    After a long discussion, humanity decide to execute all 3 of them. Cheng helps with building Lightspeed ships. Cheng becomes the company's head on one condition: if research threatens human lives she has to stop and confiscate company's power. Cheng goes into hibernation for 30+ years and finds that humans built many space settlements already. Even if the Sun is destroyed many people would survive. Also, there is huge improvement in Lightspeed ships. However, when lightspeed ships fly, it would create a space distortion leaving a trail behind. People believe that it will accelerate the exposition of Earth's coordinates. Also, it cannot carry large amount of people so the government bans the research on lightspeed ships. Victor, company leader, is arrested and executed leaving everything to Cheng. Soon, another God level civilisation Singer was passing through solar system and intended to use the Dimension Foil. This strike can turn a 3D system into a 2D, it's basically smashing a bug and turning it into flat. I want to add that the chapter named Bunker Era, Year 67 Orion Arm of the Milky Way is where we learn about Singer and it is probably the most impressive chapter of all. However, before Singer could act someone else used a Dark Forest Strike. "In the cosmos, no matter how fast you are, someone will be faster; no matter how slow you are, someone will be slower." Before the strike Cheng gets on a lightspeed ship that was hidden and escapes the solar system. Cheng and Ai AA escape to the star Yun gave her. There, they find Guan Yifan, a crew member of Gravity. Guan Yifan and Cheng leave to explore a nearby alien signal and AA tells that Yuan came to the planet. Before they could return, their ship is break down and they had to wait 16 days in hibernation. Because of the time dilation, 18 million years have already passed and both AA and Yun are already dead. They find a message from them carved into a bedrock, instructing them to enter a pocket universe. They want to wait for the destruction of the universe inside. However, a message by an unknown civilisation reveals that large amount of pocket universed have reduced the mass of the universe too much. If the mass is not returned to normal, there will be a big rip, no destruction and there will be no life in the kosmos. To save the main Universe from this fate, Cheng Xin and Guan Yifan return all the mass in the pocket universe to the main universe, and leave the pocket universe in a spaceship to explore. They leave behind only a small self-contained habitat for some small fish, and a computer drive with the contained knowledge of Trisolaris and humanity, to serve as a "message in a bottle" to future explorers after the Universe has finally been reborn. (hide spoiler)]

    “If we lose our human nature, we lose much, but if we lose our bestial nature, we lose everything.”

    The End...
    Thanks for joining me in this ride.
  • I'd lost Paul, but the silence we'd shared and the stories we'd made in it, they were still inside me. No one could see them. No one could take them away. That's why, despite the years that stretch between now and then, despite all the things, good and bad, that have happened in them, I'm sitting on my bed in my cell and I'm smiling because I'm sharing them with you.
  • "You've been on my mind
    I grow fonder every day
    Lose myself in time
    Just thinking of your face
    GOD only knows why it's taken me
    So long to let my doubts go
    You're the only one that I want" 🌾