Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean

Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean
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Brepols Publishers
Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean is the first general introduction and easy-to-use field guide for Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery in this part of the Mediterranean. It encompasses ca. 80 wares most commonly found during excavations, surveys and in museums, dating from the 7th century until the 20th century. This book opens up a neglected area of Mediterranean archaeology for fieldworkers and everybody who is interested in the history of the Aegean after the Roman era. Whether ceramic specialists involved in processing pottery, students or readers with a general interest, all will find here a much needed overview and reference work for Post-Classical ceramics in the Aegean region. Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean offers a detailed description of the most important wares from the Early Byzantine period, the Middle Byzantine period, the Late Byzantine/Frankish period, the Turkish/Venetian period to the Modern period. In addition, it includes a discussion of the chronological problems, an overview of the main shapes of wares in the Aegean, as well as a glossary of technical terms and the essential literature for each period. This indispensable book guides archaeologists, field workers and everyone interested in the Medieval past of the eastern Mediterrenean ware by ware through 12 centuries of ceramic artefacts and human activity.
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