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Life İnto Literature Orhan Pamuk İn His Works

Life İnto Literature Orhan Pamuk İn His Works

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Life İnto Literature Orhan Pamuk İn His Works
English · Türkiye · Gece Kitaplığı Yayınları · 1 Haziran 2017 · Karton kapak · 9786051808048
Local feelings in Turkey are different about Orhan Pamuk and his works. Some say that Pamuk is not even a good writer and what he says is overwhelmingly interesting in other languages when it is dark and boring in Turkish. Others say Pamuk's writing offended Turks and made harms for Turkey. But Pamuk is a historian and his novels are full of political, cultural, and religious struggles of Westernization and Islamization. He is a well-selected author to remove doubt in defining a new Turkish literary precedent. Life into literature: Orhan Pamuk in his works as a biographical study explores how Western-style writer, Orhan Pamuk and his fictions such as The White Castle, The Black Book, My Name is Red, Snow, and A Strangeness in My Mind, and his non-fiction such as Istanbul and Other Colours, demonstrate Pamuk's life experiences. Besides, this critical work shows how these works have unwittingly been influenced by his family, relatives and friends.
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