The Shook - Up Generation

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The shook-up generation, a small but formidable percentage of our teen-age population, has been and will continue to be a threat to national security and individual conscience as long as we neglect it. The international situation and the influence of cheap tabloids are only secondary factors in the growth of juvenile delinquency. Weak community life and the dissipation family is the mainspring of the streetgang and its older cousin, the syndicate. Based on personal observation in the candy stores, the tenements, the housing projects; on interviews with street workers, school administrators and teachers, humanitarian adults and the ""bops"" themselves, Mr. Salisbury, former N. Y. Times correspondent to Moscow, presents a sound study of the tragic and dangerous miasma of the streets. In Brooklyn, the Lower East Side, Los Angeles, up-state New York, the picture differs only in detail of dress, income and secrecy. The essence is the same...neglect, lack of love, lack of status.