Perfect marriages happen only in heaven, but once in a while on the earth too.
“Abuse can feel like love.” “Abuse can feel like love… Why?” “Starving people will eat anything.”
"Hayattaki asıl önemli şey istediğini almak değil, aldıktan sonra onu hala istemektir." (Love affair, 1994)
My beloved who wills not to love me: My life which cannot love me: I seduce both. She with my round kisses … (In the smile of my beloved the approbation of the cosmos) Life is my art … (Shield before death) Thus without sanction I live. (What unhappy theodicy!) One knows not— One desires— Which is the sum. *(Kerouac translated by Allen Ginsberg)
The day after my suicide, I fell inlove with my mother when i saw her crying on the floor of my room, hugging my bloody shirt with my photos scattered around her , I saw so much love in her eyes! The day after my suicide, I felt how much my father love, no matter how hard it was, In the midst of so much sadness, he spoke to me with tears in his eyes about how proud he was of me and how sensitive I was to otherd! The day after my suicide, I saw that Kiara (my dog) was more incredible than i could have imagined. Every time someone came home, she would run to the door waiting for me and, seeing that it was not for me, would lie down in front of the door and continue waiting for me. The day after my suicide, I loved it for my brothers when i saw them sitting in the room with their eyes full of tears, they remembered the times when we played in our beautiful childhood ... What a good time! The day after my suicide, I felt how much my bestfriend loved me , she was looking at our photos together and remembering all the moments! The day after my suicide, I felt that i was inportant to my teachers.They blamed each other so much for not noticing... At night, I went to the morgue to look for my body. I get upset. I looked at myself and said: "So many dreams we had", "So many loves", "So many people to meet", "You had people who loved you and yet you threw it all up ", " You have to have a lot of courage to take your life Why didn't you use that courage to wiyou the best."
About love
"Surely, if there be constant attachment on each side, our hearts must understand each other ere long. We are not boy and girl, to be captiously irritable, misled by every moment's inadvertence, and, wantonly playing with our own happiness."
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Dear God ! Please help me to love myself.
One day İstanbul fall in love in Moonlight, Fall its heart, never wants to leave, The Love for Moonlike beauty stays in language..
we don't believe in love.. but there is something called Beşiktaş
.. Beşiktaş sermayesi İnsan olan bir kulüptür.. * Cemal Süreya 🦅 🐈 en güzel Beşiktaş'ın çocukları sever ..
Dostoyevsky Love
“Mən insanları anlamaq istəyirəm. Bunun üçün bütün ömrün boyu mübarizə aparmalı olsan belə, bil ki, buna dəyər."
Hep bir yerlere, bir şeylere yetişme telaşındasınız değil mi? Hiç vaktiniz yok, …”Fast live”, “Fast food”, “Fast music”, “Fast love”… Dikte ettirilen “yükselen değerler”, “in” ler, “out” lar… Buna benzer bir odada, şanslıysanız gökyüzünü görebilen bir pencere ardında bitecek hepsi. Dostluğu klavyelerinde, yaşamı monitörlerinde arayanlar, Size sesleniyorum! Hangi tuş daha etkilidir ki sıcacık bir gülüşten ya da hangi program verebilir bir ağaç gölgesinde uyumanın keyfini? Copy-paste yapabilir misiniz dalgaların sahille buluşmasını? İçinizi ısıtan gün ışığını gönderebilir misiniz maille arkadaşlarınıza? Sevgiyi tuşlarla mı yazarsınız? Müşfik Kenter
Guns N' Roses - November Rain
When I look into your eyes I can see a love restrained But darlin' when I hold you Don't you know I feel the same? Nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain We've been through this such a long long time Just tryin' to kill the pain, ooh yeah Love
cause we had a beautiful magic love there what a sad beautiful tragic love affair mlsf
From the sky and Heaven, if I were a pink Rose extending to you, I sacrificed my Love at the Bottom of your Foot, Would Oscar Wilde let me be red? Would he let me love you?
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