• To the casual observer, the laughable speeches of the gurus are so full of inconsistencies and nonsense, they could not possibly lead to such dramatic events as suicide or murder. Warped judgment feeds off superstitions, paralogical reasoning, denial of reality and improper interpretations. It tends to replace the coherent elements of society by the inconsistent nature of sectarian speech. The guru is the basis of the cult.To prove the inconsistency of the guru’s judgment would entail questioning the very idea of the cult, for he is the backbone of the system,
    and the credibility of the leader and his ideas are what cement the group.

    These aberrations of judgment are found throughout the ideology of the cult, and it is around them that the cult’s paralogical reasoning is built; it is they that mix contradictory ideas with the most elementary logic.

    " I do not know exactly why the Lord created mosquitoes. They are probably just a type of demon or devil sent by the Lord of the flies [sic]. Since mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and termites fly, then I suppose that the devil is also their lord. Demons like darkness, they like to attack you when you are spiritually asleep.... The demons poison your thoughts, ... the mosquitoes prick you.... Thank you, Lord, that they cannot harm you... You are vaccinated by the Spirit of God. [2] "

    2. Moïse David, Lettre DS 927, 15 July 1980.
    Jean-Marie Abgrall
    Sayfa 224 - ON THE PART OF THE GURU
  • We’ve seen that invention is the essential characteristic of a guru, and that the fable of his life story is centerpiece of the cult’s founding myths. The creation of a guru is both mythification and mystification. Concurrent with the fiction inherent in the mythomania, gurus exhibit other telling behaviors that point to underlying mental disorders, both in their actions and their words.

    No guru is without paranoia. It is this psychosis that gives him the feeling of being different than the rest of humanity; and it gives him the conviction that he has the role of leader and guide to play. It is a personality disorder that is characterized by four criteria, well-known in psychiatry: inflation of the ego, warped judgment, mistrust and psycho-rigidity. One only needs to read a guru’s writings, to listen to him speak, or observe his actions to see these four elements at work in him.
    Jean-Marie Abgrall
    Sayfa 223 - ON THE PART OF THE GURU