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    Where should I start? The Seven Deadly Sins holds a really really special place in my heart so I might be a bit biased.

    I was in a quite difficult place in life when I started watching the anime. I really liked it not only because of its great animation and music but also the brilliance in creating these characters. After watching the first season I immediately started reading the manga and I devoured it in days. Almost all of the characters are so relatable and so...REAL.

    The seven deadly sins is a group of misfits and they all represent one of the sins. It is really difficult for me to choose a favourite from the group because they are all unique and has a brilliant origin story. I am especially fond of Escanor. When writing my book, I was heavily inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins. Whether it is the story or the characters, they definitely leave a mark on you. I can talk about the series for hours and hours but I don't want to make it too long. In short, you should definitely try it as it is one of the best I have ever read. (Definitely in my top 5 list)

  • I'll just say that it made me cry. A lot. I didn't just cry because I was sad, though; I cried because I was happy. Because the story wasn't about whether you get what you want or you don't. It was about caring for poeple even though they're not perfect. It was about daring to dream even when you're in a place where dreams aren't meant to reach - especially in those places.
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    4.5/5 Stars.

    Like every beautiful thing in life, this series also has an end. Even though I really enjoyed this book compared to other Sci-Fi novels, this is my least favourite in the Trilogy. There are many, I mean MANY creative and impressive ideas and theories in the book. However, I feel like they are somehow rushed and not completed in a sense. Also, compared to Ye Wenjie and especially Luo Ji, Cheng Zi (our protagonist in this book) is not very appealing character. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book I am only comparing them to the previous ones.

    Previously on Remembrance of Earth's Past...Luo Ji managed to fool Trisolarians and he now holds the switch to fate of both civilisations. In Deterrence Era, humanity advances its technology while monitoring Trisolarians constantly. Even though they have the switch, losing it would mean Earth's doom. Like my other reviews of the Trilogy, I will give you an extensive summary of the novel. You can read this before to understand the novel better if you don't care about what happens and want to learn every bit of detail yourself while having some general knowledge. You can also come back and read this review to understand the plot better. Without further ado, let's get started shall we?

    Even though humanity has the upper hand now, they continue to monitor Trisolarians. In the committee, Cheng Zhi suggests the Stair Project. She believes that they can send a human to Trisolarian fleet to destroy it from within. Because of the capacity of the rocket, it can only carry a human brain. Cheng recommends Yun, her former classmate. Yun, at the time, had cancer and about to die accepts it as he also had a crush on Cheng. Before the operation, Yun gives Cheng a literal star as a gift. Luo Ji becomes the Swordholder as he holds the fate of both Earth and Trisolaris. People started to view Luo Ji as a dictator instead of a God. The UN decides to change the Swordholder and after some drama Cheng becomes the new Swordholder. Minutes after Cheng got the switch, Trisolaris Droplet launches an attack. Cheng cannot decide if she should hit the button or not. She panics and throws the button away. (Good job Cheng you just doomed humanity) Trisolaris ships destroy the button and eliminating every kind of hope humanity have. Trisolaris in now coming to take over this world and they relocate all humans to Australia. (We really don't know why Australia) When humanity was about to become slaves, one human spaceship, Gravity, reveals itself. The ship is equipped with a strong radio that can act as the button. It broadcasts the exact location of Trisolarians to the Universe as a revenge. Humanity monitor Trisolarian Planet getting destroyed by a higher civilisation. Just like smashing a bug Trisolarian planet was destroyed in a matter of seconds. (That's what you get for calling humanity bugs) Only few starships manage to escape the attack but since they communicated with Earth, humanity is still in danger. Trisolarian Sophon robot tells Cheng that Yun did not die and wants to see her. Yun was captured by their fleet and managed to delve deep into their society. Cheng and Yun's conversation is monitored by Trisolarians so one wrong word means Cheng's death and Earth's end. After chatting for a while, Yun tells Cheng 3 fairy tales. Those 3 fairy tales are indeed humanity's salvation. Humans decrypts the meaning of each story and try to devise a plan.

    1- The Bunker Project
    By building settlements at the back of Saturn and Jupiter humanity could survive the attack.

    2- The Lightspeed Ship Project
    By studying atomic propeller technology, humanity could try to build lightspeed ships in order to escape our solar system.

    3- The Dark Void Project
    By lowering the solar system's light speed, light would not exposed from our solar system. Solar System becomes something like a black hole so it shows no threat to other civilisations.

    After a long discussion, humanity decide to execute all 3 of them. Cheng helps with building Lightspeed ships. Cheng becomes the company's head on one condition: if research threatens human lives she has to stop and confiscate company's power. Cheng goes into hibernation for 30+ years and finds that humans built many space settlements already. Even if the Sun is destroyed many people would survive. Also, there is huge improvement in Lightspeed ships. However, when lightspeed ships fly, it would create a space distortion leaving a trail behind. People believe that it will accelerate the exposition of Earth's coordinates. Also, it cannot carry large amount of people so the government bans the research on lightspeed ships. Victor, company leader, is arrested and executed leaving everything to Cheng. Soon, another God level civilisation Singer was passing through solar system and intended to use the Dimension Foil. This strike can turn a 3D system into a 2D, it's basically smashing a bug and turning it into flat. I want to add that the chapter named Bunker Era, Year 67 Orion Arm of the Milky Way is where we learn about Singer and it is probably the most impressive chapter of all. However, before Singer could act someone else used a Dark Forest Strike. "In the cosmos, no matter how fast you are, someone will be faster; no matter how slow you are, someone will be slower." Before the strike Cheng gets on a lightspeed ship that was hidden and escapes the solar system. Cheng and Ai AA escape to the star Yun gave her. There, they find Guan Yifan, a crew member of Gravity. Guan Yifan and Cheng leave to explore a nearby alien signal and AA tells that Yuan came to the planet. Before they could return, their ship is break down and they had to wait 16 days in hibernation. Because of the time dilation, 18 million years have already passed and both AA and Yun are already dead. They find a message from them carved into a bedrock, instructing them to enter a pocket universe. They want to wait for the destruction of the universe inside. However, a message by an unknown civilisation reveals that large amount of pocket universed have reduced the mass of the universe too much. If the mass is not returned to normal, there will be a big rip, no destruction and there will be no life in the kosmos. To save the main Universe from this fate, Cheng Xin and Guan Yifan return all the mass in the pocket universe to the main universe, and leave the pocket universe in a spaceship to explore. They leave behind only a small self-contained habitat for some small fish, and a computer drive with the contained knowledge of Trisolaris and humanity, to serve as a "message in a bottle" to future explorers after the Universe has finally been reborn. (hide spoiler)]

    “If we lose our human nature, we lose much, but if we lose our bestial nature, we lose everything.”

    The End...
    Thanks for joining me in this ride.
  • Bir yerde bulunan bir yere bağlanan her yerde bulunur.
    Her yerde bulunan, hiçbir yerde bulunamaz.
    Aşık, sevgilinin cemalinden örtüyü kaldırmasıyla, gördüğü güzelliğe hayran olur.
    Selâmetten ayrılır, düşünen beyinler.
    Hata yapma fırsatını âdeme veren sendin.
    Ve dünyayı epey abartmıştım, hayret ile teheccüt vakti duada seyirdir işimiz.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Aklı da imanı da gider, artık âşık olmuştur.
    Gül dikiyordu gecenin çobanları teheccüt vakti duada ellerinin değdiği gönüllere.
    Eksikler sahip olmuş, fevkalade iyi yazılmış bir gizem aşk.
    Herkes kendisinde v/ar sanır kendini.
    Felek beyhude yere kuru dikenden taze gül yaprağı çıkarmıyor.
    Bu sessizlikte ne vardı?..
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Muhtemelen bir soru.
    Zamanı geldiğinde, musallada cevabı gelecek olan.
    Belâ denilen şeyin aslında rahatlık olduğunu halka anlatmak içindir bu.
    Hayatınızdaki en önemli ilişki kendinizle olan ilişkinizdir.
    Çünkü ne olursa olsun, her zaman kendiniz olacaksınız.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    B/öylece sevginin rahmetinin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz.
    Aşk tek gerçekliktir ve sadece bir duygu değildir.
    Doğa hoş bir akıl hocasıdır.
    Sevgiyle yaratılışın kalbindeki temel gerçektir.
    Kafi Nur dedim mi kişiyi aşk alıyor kanat kanat vuslatla birleştiriyor.
    Raks eden gece gibi her şeyin altından çıkabilir hiç olanlar.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Hakkıyla ram olmak için.
    Aman Ya Rabbi diyenin halini bilir, Ya Semi, Gani ile elele, eli Hakka olanlar.
    Artık yalnız değilim bu alemde.
    Şunu keşfettim doğmadan önce, hep vuslatta.
    Kendine güvenen, kendilerinin efendisi olanlarla yaşayanların kabirlerinde ot bile bitmez olmuş.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Ve hepsi sakin sanırsın kabirehlini.
    Hiçbiri de karşılık veremezmiş.
    Bu yol ıraktır, menzili çoktur, geçiti yoktur.
    Öteki, bizden olanı ve içeri gireni.
    Kısa sözcüklerle yanıt verdiğini duyuyorlardı.
    Rahmani deftere b/ak, hiçbir şey kalmamış.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Bu insanları düşündükçe daha güçlü hissediyorum kendimi.
    Metnini istersen aşkın, kula köle olanların suretine b/ak.
    İnsanı kamil olanda hak görünür.
    O zaman teheccüt vakti Estağfirullah ile gönlünü çapalamış olanların bağlarına girde g/ör.
    Hikmet nerede kime ne söylettiğini bir muttaki bulda gör.
    Hakikat bizi dünyaya getirir ve hiçbir şey söylemezler.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.

    Duada teheccüt vakti iyi ve güzel olan s/aklanır.
    Aşk hayatı kolaylaştırmaz, ama anlam verir.
    Yakınlarda seni seven bir kişi olduğunda dua et.
    Hayat boyunca seyahat etmek daha kolaydır duada.
    İnsan olduğunuzu hatırlayın.
    Geriye kalan herşeyi unutsanız da olur.
    Kâbe’nin içine girene Kıbleye dön demek ne kadar abestir.
    (Y.ed - Güzide Mektuplar Albümü)

    Engin Demirci Şiirleri © Bu şiirin her türlü telif hakkı şairin kendisine ve / veya temsilcilerine aittir.

  • You know what i find weird? You don't actually know your parents, do you? What they were like as kids or teenagers. You're a family, but you don't really know anything about each other.
    Bana tuhaf gelen ne, biliyor musun? İnsan annesiyle babasını tanıyamıyor, değil mi? Çocukken veya gençken nasıl insanlar olduklarını bilemiyor. Ailesiniz ama birbiriniz hakkında hiçbir şey bilmiyorsunuz.
  • -İlk Joker: Cesar Romero - 1966
    İlk Batman filminde, Joker'i beyazperdede canlandıran aktör olarak da bilinen Cesar Romero, eleştirmenler tarafından çok başarılı bulunmuştur. Bu kadar eski bir tarihte yayınlanmasına rağmen o filmde bile şimdiki karakteri kadar kötü ve zalim olan Joker, izleyenleri ilk 1966 yılında kendine hayran bırakmıştır.

    ''İnsanlar, son anlarını yaşarken, gerçek yüzlerini gösterirler.''


    -En komik Joker: Jack Nicholson - 1989
    Tim Burton'ın yönetmen koltuğunda oturduğu Batman filminin 1989 yapımı olanında Joker karakterine Jack Nicholson can verdi. Bu filmde Nicholson'ın efsanevi oyunculuğu, ona yakışan saç makyaj ve kostümü ile rol öyle bir devleşti ki, tüm izleyenler daha iyi bir Joker canlandırılamaz diye düşünmüştü.

    ''Şunu asla unutma gülerken kaybettiklerini ağlayarak geri kazanamazsın.''


    -En başarılı Joker: Heath Ledger - 2005
    Dark Night serisinin ilk filminde izleyenlerin karşısına çıkan Joker'i, Jack Nicholson'ın neredeyse 20 yıl sonrasında Heath Ledger canlandırdı. Ledger ile birlikte Joker karakteri her zamankinden daha komik, daha acımasız ve daha karanlık bir imaj edindi. Filmin yönetmeni Christopher Nolan, Joker karakterinin unutulmazlığını Ledger'in olağanüstü oyunculuğuna bağlıyor. Bu filmden sonra ölen Heath Ledger, Oscar'a layık görüldü.

    ''Ben kötü biri değilim. Sen iyi biri olmamı hak etmemişsindir.''


    -En eğlenceli Joker: Jared Leto - 2016
    Joker'e hayat veren diğer oyunculardan farklı olarak Jared Leto bir Batman filminde değil 2016 yılında vizyona giren The Suicide Squad adındaki DC filminde Joker'i canlandırdı. Oscar ödüllü oyuncu Jared Leto, kalabalık kadrolu The Suicide Squad filminde kült bir karakter olan Joker'e hayat verdi. Filmin genel olarak pek beğenilmediğini söylememiz gerekse de Jared Leto, Joker karakterine çok yeni bir hava katmayı başarmıştı.

    ''Planı olan bir adam gibi mi duruyorum. Ben arabaları kovalayan köpek gibiyim. Yakalasam bile ne yapacağımı bilmem. Ben sadece yaparım.''


    -En anlamlı Joker: Joaquin Phoenix - 2019
    Yönetmen koltuğunda Todd Phillips yeraldı. Başrollerinde Robert De Niro ve Zazie Beetz gibi isimler Joaquin Phoenix'e eşlik etti. Yeni Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) 'Gladyatör' filmindeki Commodus'tan, 'Her' filmindeki Theodore'dan ne kadar başarılı bir oyuncu olduğu biliyor olmasına rağmen Joker filminin başrollünde Joaquin Phoenix'in yer almasını duyan çoğu izleyici ilk başta büyük tepkiler vermişti. Ama Phoenix rolü öyle ciddiye aldı ki sıkı bir diyete girerek rol için tam 23 kilo verdi. Şimdilik Joker karakterine hayat veren son isim Joaquin Phoenix!

    ''İnsanlar, dünyanın onlara izin verdiği ölçüde iyidirler. İşler çığırından çıktığında, sözde medeni geçinen bu insanlar, birbirlerini yiyecek.''


    ''Ya iyi olarak ölürsün, ya da kötüye dönüşecek kadar uzun yaşarsın.''

    ''Delilik yer çekimi gibidir; sadece hafifçe itmek yeterlidir.''

    ''Biliyor musun neyi fark ettim, her şey plana göre gittiğinde kimse paniklemiyor. Plan korkunç olsa bile.''

    ''Seni öldürmeyen şeyin, seni tuhaflaştırdığına inanıyorum.''

    "You Don't Listen, Do You?"

    "I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it's a f**king comedy."

    "The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't."

    "What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? You get what you f**kin' deserve!"

    ''Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside.''

    ''They Laugh At Me Because I’m Different. I laugh At Then Because They’re all the same.''

    ''Their morals, their code; it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see- I’ll show you. When the chips are down these, uh, civilized people? They’ll eat each other. See I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.''

    ''I’m only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside, I’m really crying. You might join me for a weep.''

    ''Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?''

    ''Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.''

    ''Some people want to see you fail. Disappoint them!''

    ''Those mob fools want you gone. So, they can get back to the way things were. But I know the truth, there’s no going back. You’ve changed things…forever.''

    ''I don’t wanna kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to rippin’ off mob dealers… no, no, no… no you, you complete me.''

    ''Do you want to know why I use a knife? You see, guns are too quick. You can’t savour all of the little…emotions. In their last moments, people show you who they really are. So, in a way…I knew your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?''

    ''Now comes the part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives. But, as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile.''

    ''Haven’t you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?''

    ''As though we were made for each other… Beauty and the Beast. Of course, if anyone else calls you beast, I’ll rip their lungs out.''

    ''We stopped checking for monsters under our bed, when we realized they were inside us.''

    ''Does it depress you? To know just how alone you really are.''

    ''Tell me something, my friend, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?''