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"Most murders happen in the family, you know. Your family are the people who can give you most pain. They know how to hurt you. Parents are the worst."
On The Edge (Stage 3 Oxford), Gilliam CrossSayfa 20 - Oxford UNIVERSITY PRESS
"Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret."
Üzüntün acımı hafifletmez. You sorrow cannot ease my pain. Yüzüklerin Efendisi - Güç Yüzükleri s.01 - e.05
What are they afraid of? That one day they'll have to endure pain like this? Or that they never will, that they're incapable of it, because grief's only ever as deep as the love it's replaced.
I realized I was falling into a well where everything was uncertain and terrifying. Now here I am, locked inside a fear that bathes my face, hair, and thoughts. And in it, I lose myself. Try to understand: it is not fear of others. I don't care about others. It is not fear of God. I do not believe in God. It is not fear of pain. I am not afraid of pain. It is fear of you, of the chance that has torn you from nothing, to hook you to my belly. I have never been ready to welcome you, even though I have waited a long time for you. I've always asked myself the terrible question: what if you didn't like being born? And if you scold me one day shouting "who asked you to bring me into the world, why did you put me in, why?" Life is such a chore, baby.
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