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Some people God cures and some he slays. Fat denies that God slays anyone. Fat says, God never harms anyone. Illness, pain and undeserved suffering arise not from God but from elsewhere, to which I say, How did this elsewhere arise? Are there two gods? Or is part of the universe out from under God’s control? Fat used to quote Plato. In Plato’s cosmology, noös or Mind is persuading ananke or blind necessity – or blind chance, according to some experts – into submission. Noös happened to come along and to its surprise discovered blind chance: chaos, in other words, onto which noös imposes order (although how this ‘persuading’ is done Plato nowhere says)

Valis, Philip K. DickValis, Philip K. Dick
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The mind can bring so much more pain than the body.

İnsan aklı, bedeninden çok daha büyük acılar çekebilir.

Melekler ve Şeytanlar, Dan Brown (Sayfa 537)Melekler ve Şeytanlar, Dan Brown (Sayfa 537)
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“Yes. The contradiction is pain. Man’s starvation, war, sickness...”

“Evet. Çelişki acıdır. Açlık, savaş. Hastalıklar...”

Melekler ve Şeytanlar, Dan Brown (Sayfa 369)Melekler ve Şeytanlar, Dan Brown (Sayfa 369)
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Başarı için..
"No pain, no gain" yani
çile yoksa kazançta yok
zahmetsiz rahmet olmaz sözüne denk olan bu ingilizce deyişi aklından çıkarma

Bilinçli Genç Olmak, Nevzat Tarhan (Sayfa 13)Bilinçli Genç Olmak, Nevzat Tarhan (Sayfa 13)