Albert Einstein
Two things are infinite
The universe and human stupidity

And im not so sure about the universe
İki şey sonsuzdur
Evren ve insan aptallığı

Ve ben evrenden o kadar emin değilim

Homo sapiens sapiens, bir alıntı ekledi.
12 Ara 2016

It [will-making] is the latest opportunity we have of exercising the natural perversity of the disposition … This last act of our lives seldom belies the former tenor of them for stupidity, caprice, and unmeaning spite. All that we seem to think of is to manage matters so (in settling accounts with those who are so unmannerly as to survive us) as to do as little good, and to plague and disappoint as many people, as possible.

Table Talk: Essays on Men and Manners, William HazlittTable Talk: Essays on Men and Manners, William Hazlitt