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Heart! We will forget him! You and I - tonight! You may forget the warmth he gave...
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HEART, we will forget him! You and I, to-night! You may forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light. Kalbim, unutacağız onu, Bu gece, sen ve ben. Ben ışığı unutayım, Onun sıcaklığını sen.
“Love you, kismet,” he murmurs in his sleep. One of his wings extends, just a little, covering me like a blanket. I smile to myself, warmth spreading through my stomach. “I love you, too.”
One of his wings comes around me, blanketing me in. And now fantasies about woolen blankets have been sidelined in favor of this. “Better?” he asks softly, his voice like a caress. This is far more intimate than I bargained for. And I like it. I like it so much. I can feel Thanatos’s delicious heat against my back and the warmth from his wing insulating me everywhere else. If I were a cat, I’d be purring. I melt into the horseman’s embrace, all my earlier declarations about him keeping his distance long forgotten. “Mmm,” I murmur.
I broke most of the principles in my life. I usually i don't crossed my red lines, I don't negotiate much for any reason, but you. You made me negotiate with you more than seven times, it's a first time thing. But please don't make me lose my principles any more because I love you. I would like to see you near me and feel your warmth, but do not pressure me more than this. and you should give up to me
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