Danielle Barnhart

Danielle Barnhart

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“What can we do?” one of us would ask. “You are doing all you can—you are enough,” the other would reply. “You are alive.”
the schoolman said
The world is hard harder for girls than it ever was
What a beautiful day Dan texts
I know nothing about it I respond
For my mother and my sister, and for the women who braved this world before us, brave it beside us, and who will brave it after. – I.M.
i heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission
then, every word out of her mouth a riot
say, beautiful
& point to the map of your body
say, brave
& wear your skin like a gown or a suit
say, hero
& cast yourself in the lead role
my mother  
doesn’t rely on instruction manuals or men    
nor does she equate the two can fix anything if you get out of her way says the best technology is her own two hands
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