Samantha King

Samantha King

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Samantha King
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Samantha King Holmes
Time and experience have taught you to trust no one
Friends, lovers, and even family have forsaken you
You keep the shattered pieces of your heart in a box
Stitching, gluing, and staying up all night
trying to put it back together
You are reckless, selfish, stubborn, sometimes rude
You’ve bottled up the pain
of so much that has been done
When you’re hurt
You close into yourself, shut down
You love attention and yet love being by yourself more
You can point the finger at those who have
whispered behind your back
They all have played a role in your development
But looking so deep into the past
will keep you from moving forward
You must love yourself more
than these people claim they do
Look at where you stand now
No one can know the things you have endured like you
You’ve never claimed to be perfect
Your flaws tell your story
There is no need to hide them
Life is about the choices we make
the moments we don’t see coming
and the strength to do what’s best for ourselves
despite how much it may hurt
You were brave enough to wake up
now don’t go back to sleep
I spoke out of fear and you ignored me
I spoke out of pain and you didn’t listen
I spoke out of love and you walked away
So now I speak of nothing
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Samantha King
Tam adı:
Samantha King Holmes

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