Sorboni Banerjee

Sorboni Banerjee

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When people don’t understand things, they like to blame the devil and God. I don’t blame anyone for anything, and certainly not some higher power. I think when you die, you simply stop and slip into a silent nothing, as vast as the beginning of the universe.
Even if the world changes around you, how do you know if you’re changing with it or simply spinning out of control?
A wolf has forty-two teeth, each specialized for tearing or stabbing flesh, shearing bones. I always offered the choice. Be one of my teeth. Or be crushed by them.
When you keep getting pushed back, over and over again, you have to be realistic about what you can reach. Or you’re just going to be disappointed.
I didn’t choose my mother or my father. There was no guarantee I would get a scholarship to play college ball. All I could do was try my dang hardest to be the best. My only way out.
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