Connelly is a fantastic writer and this addition to his Bosch series is Bosch at his best! In The Crossing, we see Bosch in retirement dealing with time on his hands and missing the following of "his personal mission" of finding justice for the unjustly dead by following the clues that bring down their killers. It involves both Michael Haller and Harry Bosch working together to solve a murder.

Michael Haller's defense investigator, Cisco, is not working due to a serious car accident, where he was deliberately run off the road into on-coming traffic. This leaves Haller temporarily without an investigator.
Meanwhile, Harry Bosch has been forcibly retired from L.A. P. D. and is planning on catching up on some projects at home. Michael Haller approaches Harry Bosch to help him out as an investigator on his case, which he firmly believes his client is innocent of the charges against him. Harry said he will not cross over to the other side, no way, no how. Michael finally convinces Harry to help prove his client is innocent and to nail the real killer.
The novel is captivating as Bosch and Haller overcome many obstacles along through the course of Bosch investigating and Haller preparing the case for trial.
Bosch is relentless in his search for the real killer. One problem, his leads have a habit of dying. As Harry becomes convinced of the killers identity, he has to confront many personal issues brought on by his years on the police force.
"The Crossing" is a page turner. You'll find this book hard to put down. It's a real thriller! If you like courtroom dramas and thrilling detective stories, this book is for you. There's never a dull moment with “The Crossing".