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English · Shanen Ricci · 2 Kasım 2020 · Karton kapak · ‎ 979-1097602703
Aaron LeBeau crashes into my life as my savior. But he is no prince. He is everything I shouldn’t crave. A danger, sending all the wrong signals while awakening all the right things.Aaron LeBeau.A heartless alpha.An undefeated Formula 1 driver.A dark enigma.… And the man who trapped me into an agreement.I was supposed to unravel who he is, without shattering my rules.I didn’t sign up for a whirlwind passion of a twisted role-play of the hunter and the prey.Nor for our demons to be magnetically attracted, our chemistry to be haunting, our broken souls to understand each other.I promised I would never be his; body, soul, heart.And that’s a promise he’s hell-bent on breaking. Love.A banned word from our vocabulary.Significant.It has never been a possibility for us.A mutual salvation, or mutual destruction.Breaking or freeing each other.Healing or getting ripped apart.A fatal game.
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