Vanishing Diaspora: The Jews in Europe Since 1945

Vanishing Diaspora: The Jews in Europe Since 1945
Baskı tarihi:
30 Ekim 1997
Sayfa sayısı:
United States of America
Harvard University Press
“ among the first to examine postwar European Jewish history as a whole, from England to Russia, and compel us to recognize the breadth of this unfolding tragedy...[His] book can serve as a clarion call to American Jewry.”―Joshua Rubenstein, Wall Street Journal

“[A] lucid and informative study...[It is] provocative in the context of American debates over Jewish identity and continuity.”―Paul Breines, Washington Post Book World

“Crisply written and insightful...Vanishing Diaspora examines the fate of the Jews across the Continent and Britain since the end of the Second World War and shows that Hitler deserves only part of the blame for the Jews' gradual disappearance.”―Ethan Bronner, Boston Globe

“[Wasserstein's] writing deftly pulls the reader along from the reconstruction of Europe after the war to the birth of the Jewish state, to life behind the Iron Curtain and the relative ease and freedom of Western Europe, all through the eyes of Jews. This is a work of history, but it has the feel of a narrative as Mr. Wasserstein combines literary and cultural references with statistics, dates and places...[An] excellently researched and written book.”―Abby Wisse, Washington Times

“A lucid and comprehensive chronicle of the perils of postwar European Jewry...The bibliography underscores just how many books are concentrated within this essential one-volume text. It is likely to be a standard in its field for decades--more time than Wasserstein gives the vanishing diaspora of Europe.”―Kirkus Reviews

“We are indebted to Bernard Wasserstein for a well written and challenging book that raises many serious questions not only about the survival of European Jewry, but of the future of Jewish existence in this country as well...Clearly, this is a book worth reading and sharing with thinking and concerned Jews.”―Conservative Judaism

“The major part of the book is a gracefully written history of European Jewry since World War II, and is one of the best accounts of the subject. The book, like Wasserstein's other works, is a pleasure to read, with occasional turns of wit redolent of the best English historiographical writing. He admirably wends his way through the intricate jigsaw of European Jewries, east and west.”―Geoffrey Wigoder, Jerusalem Post

“There have been historical studies of the individual Jewish communities in postwar Europe, but Wasserstein is the first to survey them all...This well-written survey is a valuable work because of its breadth and its contextualization of the major Jewish events of the last 50 years.”―Choice
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