Dragon Wars: War of the Magicians (Bond of a Dragon Book 0)

Dragon Wars: War of the Magicians
Alt başlık:
Bond of a Dragon Book 0
Baskı tarihi:
Ocak 2019
Sayfa sayısı:
Karton kapak
Kitabın türü:
A J Walker Publishing
With a dangerous young sorcerer and his dragon on the rise to power, can two unlikely companions stop him from taking control of Kartania?

When Theodor is forced to join the king’s army in response to the attacks led by Merglan and his deadly dragon, the simple farmer’s son meets an unlikely friend. While trying to pass basic training with his head down, Theodor meets Ivan, a young man clouded by secrecy. Ivan attempts to inspire Theodor into becoming more than just another body to fill in front lines.

After completing their training, Ivan and Theodore each report to their separate assignments, and must part ways. After battling Merglan and his orc armies for nearly two years, Ivan and Theodor reunite. Combining human and elf armies, Ivan and Theodor attempt to prevent the enemy forces from flooding into the last remaining free kingdom in Kartania, the kingdom of the elves. If the elf kingdom falls, Merglan will take control of Kartania for good? Can Theodor and Ivan stop Merglan and his dragon from taking over the world?

Dragon Wars: War of the Magicians, is the first book in the Dragon Wars fantasy adventure series and prequel to Bond of a Dragon’s series starter, Bond of a Dragon: Zahara’s Gift. If you like fast-paced adventure, dragons both good and evil, mind-blowing magic, and compelling characters, then you’ll love AJ Walker’s new prequel-novella.

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