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“ About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being in what is know as the Bing Bang. The story of these fundamental features of our universe is called physics.
About 300.000 years after their appearance, matter and energy started into complex structures, called atoms, which then combined into molecules. The story of atoms, molecules and their interaction called chemistry.
About 3.8 billion years ago, on a planet called Earth, certain molecules combined to form particularly large and intricate structures called organisms. The story of organisms is called biology.
About 70.000 years ago, organisms belonging to the species Homo sapiens started to form even elaborate structures called cultures. The subsequent development of these human cultures is History.”

Hayvanlardan Tanrılara: Sapiens, Yuval Noah HarariHayvanlardan Tanrılara: Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

İşsizlik !!!
Sabah sabah çekirdek çitleyip , kalite kontrol müdürüyle karşılıklı oturup , Emel Müftüoğlu' nun nükleer reaktörde çalıştığı paralel üniverse ler üzerine muhabbet ettik .. Varın siz gelin hesabı kendiniz yapın !!

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what is falling in love? A series of small coincidences that we say means everything because we want to believe that our tiny lives matter on a galactic scale. But falling in love doesn’t even begin to compare to the formation of the universe.
It’s not even close.

The Sun is also a Star, Nicola Yoon (Sayfa 166)The Sun is also a Star, Nicola Yoon (Sayfa 166)

ELON MUSK'ın ''Hayatımı Değiştirdi'' dediği kitaplar;

- "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - Douglas Adams - Türkçesi - Otostopçunun Galaksi Rehberi

- "Einstein: His Life and Universe" - Walter Isaacson

- "Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down" - J.E. Gordon Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down

- "Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants" - John D. Clark

- "Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies" - Nick Bostrom

- "Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future" - Peter Thiel - Türkçesi - Sıfırdan Bire

- The "Foundation" trilogy - Isaac Asimov,

- "The Lord of the Rings" - J.R.R. Tolkien - Türkçesi - Yüzüklerin Efendisi

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The Library of Apollodorus is a concise but comprehensive guide to Greek mythology. It covers the full span of mythical history from the origins of the universe and the gods to the Trojan War and its aftermath, and between these limits it tells the story of each of the great families of heroic mythology, and of the various adventures associated with the main heroes and heroines.

The Library of Greek Mythology, Robin Hard (OXFORD)The Library of Greek Mythology, Robin Hard (OXFORD)

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
It matters that you don't just give up.”

― Stephen Hawking

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Some people God cures and some he slays. Fat denies that God slays anyone. Fat says, God never harms anyone. Illness, pain and undeserved suffering arise not from God but from elsewhere, to which I say, How did this elsewhere arise? Are there two gods? Or is part of the universe out from under God’s control? Fat used to quote Plato. In Plato’s cosmology, noös or Mind is persuading ananke or blind necessity – or blind chance, according to some experts – into submission. Noös happened to come along and to its surprise discovered blind chance: chaos, in other words, onto which noös imposes order (although how this ‘persuading’ is done Plato nowhere says)

Valis, Philip K. DickValis, Philip K. Dick

Mass Effect üzerine
There is no recognizable divine presence, such as a god, in the universe, and humans are particularly insignificant in the larger scheme of intergalactic existence, and perhaps are just a small species projecting their own mental idolatries onto the vast cosmos, ever susceptible to being wiped from existence at any moment. This also suggests that the majority of undiscerning humanity are creatures with the same significance as insects in a much greater struggle between greater forces which, due to humanity’s small, visionless and unimportant nature, it does not recognize.
Cosmicism is not merely the idea that there is no meaning in the universe. It’s far worse. Instead, the argument is that there is meaning, but it is so far above and beyond human understanding that we can never attain meaningful existence.
Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Your lives are measured in years and decades. You wither and die. We are eternal. We are the pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing . . . Your civilization is based on the technology of the mass relay, our technology. By using it, your society develops along the paths we desire. We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.