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“She captured his essence in her own. And nine months after his death, she gave birth to his child. A daughter. Named Esan.” ‘My eyes narrowed at that. “That’s Old Talhostic too. For Faith …” ‘Chloe nodded and murmured. “Esani.” ‘“Faithless …” I whispered, looking at the vein in my wrist. “What the fuck …” ‘“A direct descendant of God’s son,” Rafa murmured. “But within a year, her mother was dead. And fearing persecution, Esan’s guardians moved her to Talhost. Eventually, she had children of her own. The Redeemer’s descendants often exhibited signs of divinity in their blood, but kept their origins secret. They built a dynasty, and eventually, began an uprising against the Emperor himself. Claiming a divine right to sit upon the Fivefold Throne.” ‘“The Aavsenct Heresy …” I murmured.
A secret smile touched his lips. “When a bond is fully accepted by both parties, we will share all things in life. I accept our bond. I give my heart, my soul, my power to thee.” “I love you, Samael. The good parts, the bad, and all the parts in between. Each messy piece—” Wrath raised a brow at the mention of “messy,” and I rolled my eyes. “I choose you today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. I accept our bond. I give my heart, my soul, my power to thee.”
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