All The World in Their Faces

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With an introduction by Yaşar Kemal :

Ara’s Anatolian Saga

All the World in their Faces, an extraordinary selection from

Ara Güler’s work of a lifetime is introduced by an equally extraordinary

essay by Yaşar Kemal, translated by Adair Mill.

This beautifully printed and bound 414 page book is not only a tribute to Ara Güler’s great artistry but also a testimony of his love for this land and its people.

The book compiles 320 of Ara Güler’s outstanding photographs presented under separate sections with the titles of:

• On what is seen in the beginning
• On light. the soil and man
• On being inside and totally outside of time
• On the use of power
• On an opening door and beyond
• On withdrawing a little• On the changing and unchanging

In his introduction he wrote for this book Yaşar Kemal says, “Ara has breathed life into photography. The photographs of Ara Güler form a great Anatolian saga.”
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    Ocak 2000
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