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“We will not get through it like that. I want your heart, Samael. I want your love without spells and tinctures keeping it locked away. Only having half of you is a curse, too. We both deserve more. We deserve true happiness. Happiness without chains or restrictions or strings attached to it. No matter the sins of our past, we do not deserve to be punished for eternity. Your only crime was helping your brother and his wife make their own choice. Now you must give up love? For what? A hateful witch’s vengeance? I will not accept that. I cannot. You ought to give your heart to whomever you choose, whenever and however you choose to give it.”
Why should I endure such agony? In the name of what? Of a crime committed by hugging a man? Of a cell that split into two, then four, then eight cells, and so on indefinitely, without my wanting it, without my ordering it? Or in the name of life? Very well; for life But what is this life for which you, who exist still unfinished, matter more than I, who exist already complete?
Tell me what have I done? I loved unwisely, my crime was simple: I wanted you.
Leaving the ones we've crossed I have to make an end so we begin To save my soul at any cost Tamer - Beautiful Crime
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billie eilish
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