• 1. To kill a mockingbird
    2. The vow
    3. Little children
    4. Reservoir dogs
    5. Leon: The professional
    6. Witness for the prosecution
    7. Rear window
    8. The usual suspects
    9. Gladiator
    10. Goodfellas
    11. The shining
    12. Modern times
    13. It is a wonderful life
    14. Taxi driver
    15. City lights
    16. One flew over Cuckoo's nest
    17. The kid
    18. Bir küçük eylül meselesi
    19. Kelebeğin rüyası
    20. Seven
    21. Schindler's list
    22. The Godfather: part 3
    23. The boy in the striped pyjamas
    24. The pianist
    25. Passengers
    26. No strings attached
    27. Silver linings playbook
    28. The blind side
    29. Room
    30. About time
    31. Closer
    32. Trance
    33. Vizontele
    34. A clockwork orange
    35. Vizontele Tuuba
    36. Memento
    37. Raiders of the last ark
    38. Back to the future
    39. The Godfather: part 2
    40. Paths of glory
    41. The departed
    42. Her şey aşktan
    43. Sevimli ve tehlikeli
    44. Senden bana kalan
    45. Delibal
    46. Dedemin fişi
    47. Cebimdeki yabancı
    48. Requiem for a dream
    49. The notebook
    50. Kong Skull island
    51. Mother!
    52. Berlin Syndrome
    53. The hangover
    54. The hangover: part 2
    55. The hangover: part 3
    56. Hacksaw Ridge
    57. Flipped
    58. Godfather
    59. Just like heaven
    60. The shawshank redemption
    61. The cobbler
    62. Forrest Gump
    63. Titanic
    64. The butterfly effect
    65. Begin again
    66. Intouchables
    67. American beauty
    68. American history X
    69. The lord of the rings: The two towers
    70. 12 angry men
    71. The lord of the rings: The return of the king
    72. Crash
    73. Midnight in Paris
    74. Million dollar baby
    75. Walk the line
    76. Erin Brokovich
    77. Manchester by the sea
    78. Still Alice
    79. Catch me if you can
    80. Gone girl
    81. Boyhood
    82. Babam ve oğlum
    83. The social network
    84. 12 years a slave
    85. Argo
    86. Iris
    87. Juno
    88. Sofra sırları
    89. Bird box
    90. Captain Fantastic
    91. The imitation game
    92. The fault in our stars
    93. The Martian
    94. Whiplash
    95. Fight club
    96. Inception
    97. Psycho
    98. Black swan
    99. The green mile
    100. Bridge of spies
    101. Gosford park
    102. Nowhere in Africa
    103. Who am I?
    104. The lives of others
    105. Winter's bone
    106. Ayla
    107. Ahlat ağacı
    108. Leave no trace
    109. A simple favor
    110. Gattaca
  • 'In future', she cried, 'I will only play with people who have no hearts.'
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    the writer is someone I admire much as a thinker, writer and also as an academician, his knowledge had hunted me many times before all his books made him famous whereas if you read any of his books before, feel free yourself to skip all of his other books, he is pretty confused about future and can’ t get over still. Different books, same shit. I only admire the first book because it is more about our past, maybe because of this more clear, more satisfying and taught me many things I haven’ t heard before.

    I don’ t know why he needs to write same things again and again if he still has no solution, but more confusion, but the only thing I know, I won’ t let myself to read his future books anymore.
  • I am obsessed with a boy that I met 3 years ago. We were met in a office and I was an intern. He was very different than others with her attitude and style. He behaves like he doesn’t care anything at all. He was very quiet and you can understand easily that he is just interesting on his own way. When our first chat he was staring at me like I am a food and he is starving. At first I was confused. I just couldn’t understand why he is looking like that. I felt important with his glance. When I enter his room he always stopped, cut his speech and staring at me. Sometimes I feel very ashamed. I thought that everybody looking at to caught us.

    After a couple days with our exchange glances his eyes came to visit me in my dreams. I just couldn’t stop thinking of him. Working hours are became the best time for me. But i was very shy. I was trying to talk with him once. We were talking on our work area and I said bunch of stupid things. I just can’t thinking when he is staring at me. I was felling apart.

    After a couple weeks it is time to say goodbye to me. My internship period is completed. When my very last day I shake everybody’s hand to say goodbye. But that boy just came and hugged me. It was so unexpected.

    I met a girl in that office and she wanted to meet me. I said OK because I know that she is very close to that boy. The boy who I am in love with.

    I met the girl in a small cafe. Her phone rang when we were talking. I saw his name on the screen of the phone. He said that he is hanging with his friends and wanted to meet with us. I just don’t wanted to go. I want to talk with him and spend my years to understand him but just with him. I don’t want the others. Because of that I said no and we didn’t meet that day.

    When our second meeting with the girl he phoned again. I was ready this time. I said that he can come to a bar which we were deciced to go. He said he will come but he never showed. I was very angry and disappointed. The girl invited a stranger boy to hang with us.

    I wanted to forget him and everything so I drink. The stranger boy was interested in me. We had a small chat. He hugged me after a couple glass of wine. We were drunk and we danced. I remember her face when I was dancing with that boy. She was just hate me. Their plan went down to plughole.

    After that I saw him few times at my university. I saw him with a girl once they were just walking. He was not staring at me like he did before. He was very stabile.

    During 3 years and after that night with other boy i was trying to reach him on every social media platform. I sent an email to him to asked his opinion about my future career and invite him to drink a cup of coffee. He sent me a disgusting answer. It was very rude. He was trying to hurt me. I never answered and we never communicate with each other again. I added him on instagram once and trying to him a second message but he blocked me.

    That blocked was not just a blocked. He blocage every possibilities of us. I hurt his feelings. From now one this is a war for him.

    I know this is very stupid but i am still thinking about him. I learned from linkedin that he has his own office right now.

    tl;dr What I am going to now? Do I chase my dreams and trust my instincts? I just can’t stop thinking about him and I feel like I have to say sorry to him from his face. Or Do I have to forget him and other things which we didn’t share and had been just dreamed
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  • Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further... And one fine morning -
    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
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    This is a classic story that I believe everyone should read. Be careful that it is not a light hearted read though. This book is heavy if you consider yourself a progressive thinker. The ideas of society and government that are presented in this book are so painfully true that it's hard to believe that it wasn't written yesterday. You care for the characters and can't help but paint pictures in your head of Huxley's dystopian future. If you consider yourself a natural thinker, then go ahead and read this but if you don't want a book that takes some thinking then you might as well skip it.
    Our society has become very similar to Huxley's vision he wrote about 80 years ago. Today people only want to be entertained, and be constantly stimulated sexually, which allows the government to control people with little resistance. This is precisely what Huxley wrote about in this novel; that people would be so distracted with pleasure, the government would manipulate society without much fuss. This classic Brave New World, written all the way back in 1931, asks a lot of the most pressing questions about western civilization that we still grapple with today. For example, what is the role of the government? What about religion? Individualism or collectivism? Try this question on for size: Does all of your technology make you any happier? Relative to readers in the 21st century, this may actually be the most pertinent question raised in the book. There’s plenty of research out there that seems to indicate that the answer is no; it doesn’t make us any happier. And maybe that sounds self-evident to you, but if that were the case, then why is it that everyone you see has their face stuck in an iPhone or laptop everywhere they go?
    O brave new that has such people in it.
    Even though the story takes place in future England, reading Brave New World as an American in 2017 is a bit like looking in a funhouse mirror at your distorted self. It’s not quite you, but it’s close enough to appear ghastly.
    The more I got to know the main character, which - for me - was not any of the people speaking but rather society as a whole, the more I felt their emptiness. The shallow lives in which they existed gave them no room to grow or learn. In fact, learning is as forbidden as giving birth to a child or being monogamous. And any unwanted emotions are easily seen to with a dose of soma.
    I could go on about what I felt, how the story moved me, how it will stick in my head for a long time to come.
    I appreciate this book for the issues it addresses, and the thinking that it engenders. I think it is still relevant for readers of today and I encourage anyone who hasn’t yet picked it up to do so. This brilliant story and great commentary included in this book.