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“Yeah, well, she deserves to have a nice ring, doesn’t she? You miserable piece of shit. Who proposes to a girl without a ring?” “I might remind you that you are in no position to exercise moral superiority. Having destroyed her wedding dress.”
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“Fighting you became hard, and then it became agonizing,” he admits his smile slipping. “But as bad as the fighting was, the parting was worse. I spent months wondering about who you were, and what it was about this miserable human existence that you found so worthwhile. “And then, eventually, I wanted to know other things, human things, about you. Things that even now, I struggle to name because everything about living is so very different than dying. I wanted—I still want—to know about you—what brings you joy, what makes you sad. Wilder still, I want to be one of the things that brings you joy.” “Somewhere between all of our confrontations, Lazarus, I came to care about you, and leaving you behind became unthinkable. “So I stopped fighting that wicked desire to take you, and I gave in. And here we are,” he says. “Here we are,” I echo.
. One thing's for sure: sitting around being miserable won't make things any happier. . ~The Boy In The Striped Pygamas, 2008
In my life Oh, why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Is it just me who finds sirens beautiful? Miserable Wagnerian divas, threatening fire. Plague or murder.
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